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Wanted List

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 9:54 pm
by vemlich
R. Ritnour

Takamo had a lot of players over the years. Many of the customer names and addresses were lost when the game closed down in the mid 1990′s. Now we are piecing together old records to uncover the names of those former players. in many cases, their email postal addresses have changed and so we can’t contact them. The names of veteran Takamo players are listed below. We will add to the list as we uncover more old data. Take a look at the names and, if you know to contact them, please let us know or contact them yourself to invite them to join the game! You are also free to add names of players you knew.

Matthew Blair
Gary Bond
Douglas Bowman
David Callan, UK
Steve Cranston
Ken Ellis
Walter Engler
Skip Franklin
Edmund Hack
Steve Huggins
Brian Johnson
Steve Karseboom
Dean Lehr
Eric Lively
Audre Miller
Burke Nail
Carl Nienaber
James A. Paige
Brent Rush
Marty Schuchman
Steve Sesterhenn
Walter Simpson, Scotland
Christopher Stanifer
Walter Stephens
Robert Stickles
Greg Thatcher
Bob Wayne
Tommy Yates

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