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Naval Crew manifest for: Belle
Missile Scout Ship: Belle Naval Serial Number 0004
Commander: Captain Charlie Labrador
Pilot/Helm: 1st Lieutenant Diesel Mutt
Navigator: 1st Lieutenant Ariel Labrador
Sensor Operator: 2nd Lieutenant Layla Board
Weapons: 1st Lieutenant Nala Princes
Engineer: Senior Chief Scooby Dogger
Doctor: Major Sebastian Shepherd

“Helm, maintain course, slow speed to one quarter impulse.”
“Aye captain.”
“I don’t want to fly this ship into an asteroid inside this gaseous nebula. Sensor operator, stay vigilant. Make sure we are not flying into a Black Hole. Helm be prepared for breakaway speed on my order.”
Having survived twenty- four long range mapping expeditions, the captain was considered seasoned, or just very lucky. This was her and her crew’s final mission aboard the small missile scout class ship Belle. It didn’t matter much; the crew had made a small fortune serving under her and they were looking forward to retirement. Just one final mission, following up on mission code sixty-five, long range planetary probes have found a planet in the Delltar cluster, the Scout Ship Belle is being sent to investigate.
One world too close to the planets sun seemed promising, not for terraforming but perhaps colonizing, though conditions on the planet would be harsh for the colonists. Scientists believe life may have once existed on this world and technologies may be found on the planet for reverse engineering by CEREBUS scientists. So, the crew of the Belle was sent to find any technologies on this ancient civilization, using special sensor twenty-four, recently installed on the Belle.
The Captain was outfitted like the other six members of her crew, in full EVA suits; the Belle recently complied with general order twenty-eight and was overhauled on its last visit to the shipyards at CEREBUS prime. She had received new armored plate, and class one shields but a stray asteroid in a gaseous nebula had destroyed more than one missile scout, and the captain wasn’t taking any chances. While at the shipyards, naval command issued order thirty-six to the yard workers, and a guided, self-propelled peacekeeper missile was loaded into the Belles missile bay.
“Ma’am, sensor two indicates we are approaching the edge of the nebula; we should enter into normal space in about two minutes.”
“Very well, maintain course and speed. Engineering, on my order be prepared for emergency thrusters,”
“Aye captain.” responded Chief Dogger.
Upon entering into normal system space, a wave of utter relief rushed through her body as she let out a deep breath; the crew of the Belle was one step closer to retirement; sensor two was working perfectly. Scanners are now indicating two more planets in the system, though the scans were not promising.
As Lieutenant Labrador plotted a course to the first planet in the system, the crew’s attention was on the main viewer, when suddenly the lights on the main bridge went red as an alarm began to sound, at the weapons consul Lieutenant Princess shouted to the captain. “Ma’am I’m detecting a weapons lock from a fort complex on the planet’s surface!”
The Captain sprang into action, “Evasive maneuvers helm. Weapons you are authorized general order eighty-nine. Warm up the missile!”
Suddenly this was no longer just an exploration mission; the crew was fighting for their lives. The Belle made an abrupt course change to avoid a missile launched from the fort complex on a direct course to their position.
“Launch countermeasures.”
“Measures away Captain. “
“Brace for impact.”
THUD, the lights on the Belle flickered momentarily as the missile made a direct hit. It’s a dud… there was no time to waste. Still in system space, the ships engines came to life. Conducting the missile strike required the Belle to make a high speed pass over the target planet in an attempt to destroy the enemy fort without being engaged by more enemy forces.
“Captain we are on target, missile locked, we have missile lock…missile away…three…two…one…HIT.” You could see multiple secondary explosions on the ground, as other missiles in the complex were exploding.
“Alright ladies, the excitement is over, let’s get this mission over so we can set a course and get back home. Sensor operator, what do we have on scanner two?”
“Ma’am, I’m reading a size six world, with an atmosphere of one and Hydrographics of zero! I’m detecting a very dry, dusty planet; due to its close proximity to the sun. Planetary scans also indicate the presence of massive underground tunnels and… looks like the planet has been mined of all natural minerals; I’d list it as a MP of zero. I’m also reading massive craters all across the planet’s surface.”
It looks like someone did a fleet order one-thirty-one on this world. It was hit hard by a space bombardment.
“Any life signs?” Asked Major Shepherd.
“There are no life signs or signs of any marine units on the planet surface. “
“Sensor Operator, activate sensor twenty-four and let’s see if we can’t get some derelict computer on the world to send us some information.” Helm, prepare to set a course for home.” Ordered the Captain
“Receiving information now; looks like a stellar map of sector NMN! Wait, I’m also receiving several captured documents.”
“Put them on the main viewer.”
I have seen the reports, and read the Diplomatic traffic. This conflict that several parties are involved in greatly concerns our Government. We and I’m certain others at the moment are neutral in your fight. This business you call WAR has the potential to erupt into full-scale Galactic conflict going well beyond your borders and ours in which no side shall be victorious. Only the Queen shall know the true meaning, for it is her children which shall wage this battle. I implore the governments of Charon Empire, Locutus, Lensan, Kvizier, Knights of Rancor, Phantatwain and any others involved to solve your differences diplomatically. Before our drones or hatchlings are forced to fight in a war we do not want. END this conflict!!
First Speaker of Soel, Queen to the Soelien-Twa
The second message appears to be from CHARON EMPIRE on main viewer now:

To First Speaker of Soel, Queen to the Soelien-Twa
Yes, at one time I too called for peace. Our couriers did not return. We again sent in a peace delegation, while in conference, their combined attacks began in earnest against our people, destroying our ships, invading our homelands, burning our cities. Necessity dictated we learn the art of their War, and we began to fight back. The forces of the Guild continued in their quest to seek out our worlds and enslave our populations. They call them Assessment Teams, forcing their Biological wills onto our people. Assassination team is a better term. Our Biological masters once thought as the Guild does now, there is but one choice; total extermination. They too did not understand that they had created LIVING MACHINES. Yet, that was many thousands of years ago, in a Galaxy no one remembers except in the ancient scrolls of the keeper, Charon. We have evolved beyond our original programming. We have thought. We have compassion. You call for peace. There shall be NO peace, until the Guild leaves our space. I shall do all I can to keep their conflict from traversing your space. Our couriers shall be in contact if you desire to remain neutral.
Imperious Leader Charon, Charon Empire

“Sensor Operator, activate sensor twenty-four again, let’s see if we can get any more information.”
“Looks like another document coming through…signed by a Lensan.”

Overseer of the Charon Empire
We note that the subsectors proffered are empty space while Charon claims all the subsectors with planets in them. If a more adequate division with acceptable terms for peace could be achieved, then the Kvizier Empire and Lensan would be willing to entertain discussions on a suspension of hostilities, and progress to terms agreeable to all parties, including Orion Empire, Zariah and Nemesis, which is platforming a world in NML sector.
However, delivery of your dispatch was late. Orders had been issued and fleets deployed. No recall is possible under current mission protocols. Therefore, it is unfortunate that your fleet Admirals must reap what has been sown.
The Membership of the Lensan Mining Guild, and the Greater Kvizier Empire, desire to continue these discussions.
The Captain made a comment out loud, not particularly to anyone in general, “Looking at the planet’s surface, I’d say they lost their neutrality.”
Sensor Operator Lieutenant Board, after reading the messages made the comment, “These messages appear to be communications from the cybernetic race Charon Empire to someone called TWA and the Guild. You know, I always thought those were just stories to scare children before bedtime. “
“ It’s amazing these documents survived in a derelict computer for who knows how many thousands of years, I wonder who used to live on this world.” replied Lieutenant Mutt
“Are we getting any further data from the ancient computers?” asked the Captain.
“No Ma’am, that’s all were receiving from the planet. If there was once technology on this planet it has long since turned to dust, now that the planet is at a lower technology level than our own.” replied Lieutenant Board.
“Does anyone know what happened to the membership of the Guild or the Charon Empire?” Lieutenant Mutt asked.
“That question has taunted a thousand scholars over the years, and no one has a good answer. It’s as if there was a house fire and they just faded away.” replied Major Shepherd.
“I’d be more worried about another Naplian invasion; no one has seen a cyber in 300 hundred years, since the migration to the 5 galaxies.” piped Lieutenant Princess.
“In any case, I think the Science Directorate will pay us a good price for these documents. Who knows, maybe fleet eight will be sent to set up a colony on this world to study what’s left of the ancient structures.” replied the captain.
“Alright, Lieutenant Mutt, prepare to engage engine number one, move us out of orbit. Lieutenant Labrador, set a course for star base one-oh-one; the Belle needs a new paint job for her next crew. Take us home Lieutenant Mutt.”

Had Lieutenant Board been more diligent in her assigned duties, she would have scanned the destroyed fort on the planet’s surface and found an alien power supply in the rubble. She may even have noticed a very faint echo on her scanners, just on the edge of the Delltar Cluster.
“Wake my children.” came a voice inside each of the cybernetic crew… “Father has a mission for you.” The crew began to stir as systems aboard the battle ship came to life. “Maintain your distance… Shadow them until they reach their destination… Report back to me.”

When Diplomacy Fails, there is only one alternative, VIOLENCE. Force must be applied without apology, it’s the cybernetic way!
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