Accessing the checks - Build, Fleets, etc

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Accessing the checks - Build, Fleets, etc

Postby LarryL » Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:16 pm

Having been down say.. order 30, you must go back to the top of the page to look at Build Orders etc.

T'would be nice not to have to do that. Placing those items at the top regardless of what order # you
are on would be good and may be accomplished (if not mistaken), by the use of inline code, main-
gaining its position in the top 10 rows of the page.

For the html, this is called using an iFrame to control content, placement, size, and links.
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Re: Accessing the checks - Build, Fleets, etc

Postby Thom » Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:52 pm

May do that at some point. Have certainly thought about updating the page with something similar. I didn't anticipate adding some of the buttons at the top of the page when I put the page together rather quickly. If I were to redo the page I'd redesign the header somewhat. To put the action codes in a frame would also require adding a slider. Currently I've expanded the width of the page about as much as I can. Seems a lot of people use fairly low resolution settings and can just barely see the borders as they are now. Would have to make sure the page does not overlap the edge of the screen so the slider can be seen even on a low resolution setting or large text setting.
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