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Retool a Planet

Postby Thom » Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:45 pm

One of the most common errors in the game is retooling a planet. Retooling a planet is build code 263. However players often mistake this for an action code and try and put this number in the action code box instead of the build code. The proper way to retool a planet is Action Code Box = 3, Location #1 = Planet Location, Qty Box = Number of tec levels to retool, Build Code box = 263.

To retool a planet the planet must have enough POP. If you are retooling one tec level then the number of POP on the planet must equal the Mining Centers on the planet. However the minimum number is always 4 POP. So even a planet with 1 mining center still needs 4 POP to be retooled. A planet can be retooled several tec levels in one action but the number of POP per mining center also increases. To retool 2 levels you must have twice then number of POP as mining centers and to retool 3 or more levels you must have 3 times the number of POP as mining centers. For Cybers the number of POP is 20 Marines instead of POP so they do not need POP to retool planets.

The cost is 150 RU's for one tec level but the cost escalates rapidly for multiple tec level raises in one action. The formula is 150 X Number of levels squared, or 150*N^2.

An empire can retool another empires planet using the same formula but the cost is 250 instead of 150.
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Re: Retool a Planet

Postby Knights Of Rancor » Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:57 pm

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Let me add my 2 RUs here. From what I understand one empire may re-tool another empires planet that includes Cybers BUT if the player doing the re-tool is a non-cyber he must follow the rules as if the planet was it’s own (other than cost) in other words a none Cyber re-tooling a Cyber planet MUST have the appropriate number of POP on the planet and if a Cyber re-tools a non-cyber’s planet it still has to have the POP needed to do so. BUT a Cyber re-tooling another Cyber’s planet only needs the Cyber MUs on the planet.

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