Planet builds and trade order

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Planet builds and trade order

Postby Thom » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:01 pm

Many years ago Takamo was pretty wide open as to repetitive actions, meaning essentially you could do the same thing over and over again as many times as you had money to pay for actions. Maybe somewhat justifiable when it cost money for each action but just barely. Later it was found that players could build unlimited number of marines which unbalanced the game quite a bit. So a limit was put in the game of only allowing a planet to build marines once per day. So the planet record had a date field. And if you built marines on a world the date field was set to the current date, thus no more marines could be built that day. Later it was expanded to include heavy marines as well. The game ran many years with only that one limitation. However players always find a loophole and then exploit it even if it's not in the spirit of the game. For instance a player would build POP every action till a planet was maxed out. Then he'd allow a cyber to invade the world, execute all the POP, pick up his marines and leave. The other player would come back, invade the world, build max POP, and then pick up his marines and leave, over and over. So the limit of building one POP per day was added. Then players figured out that they could just tax every action and make as much in RU's as doing something so that's all they'd do. So we had to add a limit to taxing. Then players would run one trade route every action between two planets so we had to add a limit on trade. Same for recruiting Guerrillas and several other things. Trouble was there was no way of keeping track of all the limits as the planet record did not have that many empty slots. So I compromised and modified the date field for each type of limit and this lead to an order that if followed will never fail.

So in order to fully understand the order in which something has to be done on a planet for all actions to work follow the order below.

First build POP on the planet. - Sets the date field to current date - 4
Next TAX the planet. - Sets the date field to current date - 3
Next SELL goods to the planet. - Sets the date field to current date - 2
Next BUY goods from the planet. - Sets the date field to current date - 1
Finally BUILD Marines or Heavy Marines on the planet. - Sets the date field to the current date.

Now if a player wants to do any of these actions first the date field is checked. If the current action would set the date field closer to the current date then it currently is at then the action succeeds. Otherwise it fails. So for instance if you Sell goods to a planet then you cannot Tax or build Pop as eithe would set the date further back then it currently is at which is -2. However you could still Buy goods from the planet or build Marines as either action sets it closer to the current date. Got it? Good.

Now one word of caution. Smugglers can mess you up real bad. If a smuggler smuggles goods off your planet then then your market is trashed and you cannot Buy or Sell goods, Tax, and even your POP are unable to increase as a smuggling operation sets the date to -1. Plus unless you catch the sneaky rascals then you'll not even get a notification they are smuggling goods off your world except for the dip in remaining RU's at the end of the turn. But often times that goes unnoticed due to normal builds and expenditures during the turn. Also recruiting Guerrillas on a planet will stop you from taxing your pop or building more of them. After many saw the big bucks the alien empire was handing out and joined the resistance fighters on the planet and evaded your tax collectors.

Anyway hope this helps understand how the actions work. Unfortunate that it had to be done this way but really no other way to put limits on the broken actions without an overhaul of the data bases and the resulting 100+ programs that make up the Takamo game.
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Re: Planet builds and trade order

Postby Framis » Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:35 pm

I thought this would go best here.

Can a cargo ship carry cargo from both a Terraformed world and a Colony world at the same time?
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Re: Planet builds and trade order

Postby ImperiumLafayette » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:14 am

I've answered "NO", then deleted that, answered "Yes", then deleted that, because I realized I don't fracking know! :shock:

I'm sure you can't overload a ship or exceed max cargo capacities of fleet. But why is there "Cargo Hold 1", "Cargo hold 2", etc., unless a ship can hold more than one type of thing at the same time. But considering the program seems to fill ship 1 to capacity before starting to fill ship 2 and seems to empty ship 1 before it begins to empty ship 2, the situation where you might end up with two types of cargo in one ship eludes me.

So my answer to your question is...THOM!!! :twisted: :D
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Re: Planet builds and trade order

Postby Tregonsee » Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:49 pm

But a fleet of multiple ships can carry both types of cargo, but most likely in different ships. It has happened to me back in the beginning of this game.
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Re: Planet builds and trade order

Postby Thom » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:45 pm

Each cargo ship can carry just one type of good. The cargo holds are flagged for both the number of cargo units and the type. But a fleet of cargo ships can carry both types of cargo, they are just split between cargo ships according to type. So for instance if you have cargo ships in a fleet and go to a world and load terraformed goods the fleet fills the cargo holds till it either runs out of holds or cargo loaded. Then if the fleet moves to another world and loads colony goods the ships remaining in the fleet that have no cargo loaded attempt to load the alternate cargo type till they are either full or run out of cargo to load.

My advice to any new player is to not mix cargo types in a fleet. Rather I build two fleets, one specifically loads colony goods and sells to terraformed worlds and the other fleet buys terraformed goods and sells to colony worlds. Reason I do this is because you can buy a lot more terraformed goods at a world than colony goods at a colony so your fleet eventually becomes overloaded with terraformed goods because you just can't sell enough at your colony worlds and then the fleet doesn't maximize colony good sales because there is not enough room in the fleet to load the max colony goods you are trying to load.

Plus there is never a confusion on what is loaded on each fleet either. Makes the trade runs work a lot better.
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