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One Fleet. One Move.

Postby Thom » Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:25 am

As many can attest the Estra Galaxy in Takamo is a dangerous place. Stellar Clouds need to be explored Star by Star. Black Holes, Super Novas, and alien fleets could be at any Star location with your fleets demise the result. Some long jumps can result in minor damage to fleets and in some cases catastrophic ship losses. A bad navigation coordinate can send a fleet into a Black Hole or to a coordinate quite a bit further than a safe jump. And there is always the chance your fleet will run into another empires fleets and trigger combat. All these things can mean your fleet on action 1 no longer exists on action 2. And what if you give that fleet several more things to do during the turn. Lost actions and lost opportunities.

In order to minimize lost actions and maximize the 50 actions you have you need to make sure all 50 actions actually do something. In that regard one should always plan each mission with as few moves by one fleet as possible. In fact when making fleet movements if there is a chance the fleet might not survive the last action then you should carefully consider whether you need to move it again. Because if it doesn't survive you have just wasted the next few actions.

Now there are always exceptions but in general if you are sending a fleet to a location that is a bit unknown moving that fleet risk the following actions.

And while we're on the subject a good rule is to make sure one action succeeds before piling more actions on top of that first one. For instance, you might send a colony ship to a planet to colonize it, then send another fleet with colony base ships to install a colony base, then you might build more colony bases, then you might land some POP and Marines. After all that you send your trade fleet to sell some goods to the colony world and buy some of their goods to sell on your return trip to the home worlds. But what if that first action failed for whatever reason. All other actions following it will also fail and you've wasted quite a bit of your turn. Well all except dropping the POP and Marines on the planet. If the planet is owned by someone else you just donated those POP and Marines to someone else.

So plan your actions with the following in mind. If there is a possibility that the fleet will not survive the last action you probably don't want to give that fleet to many more orders that same turn. And if there is a possibility that the first action fails in a string of actions based on the first one working you might want to wait till next turn for those additional actions.
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