How to do Missile strikes

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How to do Missile strikes

Postby Thom » Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:38 pm

I have had several players send me a note that goes something like this. I sent a missile strike in to a planet but the strike never goes through. Instead I keep getting this.

-Action 21-
Fleet 55 navigation computer reports destination star QQQ1111
is a Yellow/Blue Bright Star Type Y
Fleet 55 reports system orbit achieved at QQQ1111
Fleet 55 entering strike range on QQQ11115 from QQQ1111
270 Missile(s) ready for firing from Fleet 55
Alert ! Alert ! System and planet defenses have been activated.
-Action 22-

So for all those out there that this has happened to. Here is the problem.

1. 270 missiles in a fleet means you have lot of ships in the fleet. When your missile ships line up for a run at the planet they blot out the sun. Not to hard to detect them.
2. If you fleet does not launch an attack but the planet doesn't fire at you either then your fleets aggression level + the planets aggression level is not 100 or greater so they don't fight.
Yes I know that sounds odd but more of the way the game was programmed rather than an intentional design.
What happens is your fleet is launching missiles from a distance on the way to the planet.
If the planet defenses are activated and your fleet is detected then it goes into planetary orbit and combat is initiated between the planet and the firepower of the fleet.
Missiles are off the table for launching now.
If the combined aggression level is not 100 or greater or the planet has no forts or fighters left on the planet then the fleet enters orbit and stays there, again odd but true.

So how do I get the missiles to launch.

1. Only send missile fleets of 20 or less ships. Any more and it's pretty much an automatic detection. 5 or less is preferable and they will get through about 90% of the time.
2. If your sending multiple strikes against the same planet the first fleet should have 5 or less ships and each succeeding missile fleet should also have 5 or less ships, fewer is better after the first attack but 5 is always a good number. The missile fleet has an element of surprise the first attack with a much lower detection chance but later waves are not as lucky.

I am in the process of redoing the routines with some better messaging as well as not having a 100% detection at 20 ships. What I'm also doing is writing some routines so if the planet has no space born defenses, forts or fighters, then the missiles will always launch thus eliminating the odd circumstance where there are no defenses but the planets defenses are alerted anyway and the fleet just ends up in planet orbit.
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