New Carrier Capacity and Juggernauts

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New Carrier Capacity and Juggernauts

Postby Thom » Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:38 pm

They Hybrid Carrier I has had the fighter capacity changed and the Four Juggernauts have had fighters added to them.

Hybrid Carrier I can now carry 40 fighters. Cost has increased to 7500
Juggernaut 1-4 can now carry fighters. Juggernaut I-20 Juggernaut II=25 Juggernaut III=30 & Juggernaut IV=35 Costs have increased on all Juggernauts.

If you have either Hybrid Carrier I's or any of the Juggernauts in your navy now nothing more is needed. They can be loaded with fighters. You do not need to retool them.
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