The 4 Text Files included in your turn results

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The 4 Text Files included in your turn results

Postby Thom » Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:14 am

The four turn results files have had a naming change due to the way the online data needs to access them and that has cause an issue for some players. However nothing has changed in the file format and they are usable exactly as they were before. However after talking to a number of players I found they didn't know how to get them into an Excel spreadsheet. So here you go.

The three files, F, S, and P are all able to be imported into an Excel Spreadsheet. To do so the following instructions should work for all recent versions of Excel. I'm not sure if the instructions are exact for older versions but the concept is the same and they will import fine in older versions. I just can't remember all the steps for sure. But the concept is the same.

1. Open Excel and select Blank Worksheet.
2. Click on the File Tab in the upper left hand corner.
3. Open is selected by default, but if it's not, select it.
4. Click on Computer when the next menu is displayed.
5. Click on Browse to browse your computer for the file you wish to import.
6. Find the folder where you save your Takamo files in the explorer window and click to open it.
7. Click on the down arrow key where it says All Excel Files and select All Files (*.*)
8. Find the file. For instance to import the Fleet file it would be in a format like E100155F.TXT.
9. Click on that file and then click on Open.
10. The next few files will have the defaults already identified but...
A. Check to see that the Delimited is selected on the first window. If it is not click on the button to the left of it to select it. Then click Next
B. In the next window make sure the Tab box is checked. If it is not click on it to check it. Make sure all other boxes are not checked. If any are click on them to uncheck them. Click Next.
C. In the next window make sure the General button is selected. You know the drill if it's not. Click on Finish.
11. Congrats. You now have your fleet file in an Excel spreadsheet to use as you wish.
12. Repeat for the P file and the S file. The T file as usual is a text file and not to be imported but viewed in Notepad or whatever text viewer you use.
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