This world is ours!

This is where you may want to look for or send rumors about what is going on in the game. I would hope that Randy could send out some good ones from time to time, like highest overall tech level, highest level of income, number of races playing, how many planets blown up so far, etc.

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This world is ours!

Postby CHARON EMPIRE » Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:36 pm

Aboard the planetary fort complex, this was to be just another standard boring day for Lt Dyadic of the Gallyup Provinces provisional defense forces. That all changed when a massive assault fleet appeared out of hyperspace, each ship was equipped with multiple rail guns and 10 guided torpedo launchers and all of these weapons were locked onto the station he was in charge of. The provisional defenses were only able to send this single transmission to the unsuspecting world below…static…garble…we are under attack, I say again we are under att…
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