HOUSE MAKO makes suicide run against TWA fortified system

This is where you may want to look for or send rumors about what is going on in the game. I would hope that Randy could send out some good ones from time to time, like highest overall tech level, highest level of income, number of races playing, how many planets blown up so far, etc.

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HOUSE MAKO makes suicide run against TWA fortified system

Postby Soelien-Twa » Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:29 pm

A TWA fortified system in the outer rim was surprised last week when a HOUSE MAKO Heavy Scout made an attack run on one of the planet's after jumping into orbit. The scout was quickly dispatched by the planet's FTR screen and only one of the FTRs suffered minor damage. The TWA have had no diplomatic relations with HOUSE MAKO to date. SOELIEN-TWA diplomats are speculating that it may have just been a case of Space Madness among the crew rather than a deliberate act by a foreign power. However, TWA defenses are being reinforced on that and the surrounding worlds.
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