Chiron Beta Prime

This is where you may want to look for or send rumors about what is going on in the game. I would hope that Randy could send out some good ones from time to time, like highest overall tech level, highest level of income, number of races playing, how many planets blown up so far, etc.

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Chiron Beta Prime

Postby CHARON EMPIRE » Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:58 pm

Human spies on the Charon Empire world, Chiron Beta Prime have reported seeing Diplomatic ships from Nicademus, GRSA Empire, and DUCHY OF BRUNSWICK in orbit of this planet. What this meeting on the surface comprised is unclear, but we do know orders were sent to 12 Charon Empire fleets immediately following this meeting. What these orders are is still unknown, but the diplomatic ships in orbit were allowed to leave peacefully from Charon Empire space upon completion of this meeting.

ZNN transmission
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