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Postby Yngir » Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:32 am

Several communication pods were found throughout the far flung corners of the Eastra Galaxy, drifting throught he aether. The pods contained a single message. Below is the translation result of a committee of top linguists from an unnamed Stellar Empire.

We are Yngir i
Children of the horizon dimension ii
Born iii of Chaos iv
Shrouded in conflict
Suffering our gift v
Reveal verdant worlds and we shall visit vi

Herald of Discord vii
i It is unclear if the word Yngir refers to a species, a government entity, or group of individuals such as a family or cult
ii It appears as a genuine attempt to disclose their home region, but all attempts to define their origins as accurately as possible, lead to the description “horizon dimension” or similar terms. More textual data is needed in order to further refine its meaning
iii The linguistic consensus seems to be that they intend the use of the word “born” quite literally, not figuratively
iv The implication of the term Chaos seems somewhat similar to those found in ancient texts of the long-forgotten “Platonic tribe” of an insignificant planet its inhabitants called “Earth”. Meaning: Chaos as in a gaping abyss filled with either non-matter, or the exact opposite: filled with all the matter in the universe, swirling in an unformed mass. There are two different schools as to the content of this abyss, but both seem to agree it is an actual location
v There is no mistaking their intentions
vi They do not refer to which, or whose, “verdant worlds” and it appears that is of no importance to them
vii A curious title, perhaps revealing a glimpse of their society: are they mercenaries announcing their services, or perhaps fanatical cultists dedicated to a Divine aspect of destruction? More data is required before a conclusion can be made

I was feeling creative and bored, sue me. I'm a pirate looking for targets. If you want to annoy your neighbours or enemies and wash your hands in innocence, show me some of their juicy worlds and I'll send the corsairs over for a visit
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Postby Blackwill » Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:57 am

The HIGH HARVEST CHURCH welcomes the children of YNGIR to the Estra galaxy.

Our Confessor class Corsairs have found many, many "verdant worlds", from which we obtain tithes and new parishioners for our Paradise Colonies.

The Prime, in it's infinite and infallable wisdom, has ordained that The Church should reach out to those who share our beliefs, and forge a strong bond against those who would seek the destruction of our kind.

You may contact us here, should you desire a mutually beneficial arrangement.
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