Borthan Imperial Summit

Post news here. It can be about planets taken, achievements met, etc. Hopefully Randy will post things like number of players in the game, biggest fleet, highest tech planet, etc…

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Borthan Imperial Summit

Postby R. Ritnour » Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:47 am

Borthan officials from across the empire met at the Jaemanta 5 Trade World to discuss the declining status of the empire. The 64 provincial governors of the empire agreed that significant increases in expenditures for defense were needed across the military branches. Contracts for new battle Orbs, metatanks, and starfighter groups were authorized. The select committee on internal affairs reported that the notorious spymaster Geren Trusk had been apprehended at Beress city on Qwera 2. Trusk later died during interrogation.
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Re: Borthan Imperial Summit

Postby Knights Of Rancor » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:12 am


A Bio spy was caught on one of our worlds and was questioned unfortunately he did not survive the debriefing. Bios are built weak. The Collective is tying to figure out how a Bio survived so long on one of our Machine Planets with out Bio POP Units to hide in to avoid detection.

The Knights Of Rancor have been reactivated and on the move and the constant broadcast on all known com channels fills the vast darkness of space of the Estra Galaxy once again ........

"Who cares if the Bios' hate they are all to be exterminated. The Galaxy must be cleansed!" (ALLIES ARE THE ONLY EXCEPTIONS)


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