Post news here. It can be about planets taken, achievements met, etc. Hopefully Randy will post things like number of players in the game, biggest fleet, highest tech planet, etc…

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Postby R. Ritnour » Wed May 01, 2019 7:28 am

The list of books continues to grow. We now have ten titles. Three are also in production as audiobooks. All but one are in ebook and paperback. The next to go into paperback is The Ice Cold Heart. That will complete the paperbacks for the current lineup. We are also working on the layout for our first Large Print paperback. Apparently libraries like those.

The next books out will be Strife's Cost, the sequel to Empire's Rift by Steve Rzasa. Dave Nolte donated in the Kickstarter at the level to have his character in the book so he and his family, as well as his player empire, will be featured in Strife's Cost. Also in the works are the last three novels of the Aeon Project and the first of several anthologies and novellas. Players should note that, besides David Nolte's appearance in Strife's Cost, Chuck Lewis has authored a novella-sized piece about the Merchetti Merchants trade hub Capuzzo Station. We hope to release that later this year in ebook and perhaps paperback formats.

Please let others know about the books. It is an awesome way to spread the word about Takamo and create interest. If there are brick and mortar libraries near you, see if they will order the books. If there is a coffee shop or gathering place that accepts donated books for community bookshelves, please ask them to stock our books. We will send them for free.
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