#9 - Contact

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#9 - Contact

Postby vemlich » Sun Sep 14, 2014 5:05 pm


Cybernetic units are normally considered the scourge of the galaxy, but even Bucket Heads need contact, once in a while.

Early morning comm. chatter caused unit Y/98-163 to stir from the spot it occupied in the large room. Communication Central is receiving transmissions from Fleets in transit to an enemy held sector, it has been forwarded to Command Central.

The transmission is to inform Gorkon VII Command that Cyberhive forces are in route to hostile coordinates. This coupled with the fact that Charon fleets are to rendezvous at that same sector, should make this encounter quite productive.

Gorkon Command has relayed final instructions to fleet commanders, and then ended the transmission.

Time means nothing to cybernetic units, but Y/98-163 experienced what could be construed as surprise if seen by a “Squishy,” as the reports started coming through Comm. Central so soon. In reality 7 days 21 hours and 39 minutes had passed since the last transmission from Command was sent.

Fleets are reporting status:

"Hyper jump successful, with no losses. Recognition signals with allied fleets established, and final target selection completed. All fighters launched and the enemy engaged."

"Results of engagement are as follows:

Charon fighters lost.......... 500.

Enemy losses..................... 110 carriers, 286 capital ships of the line,
28 smaller vessels and 1 explorer.

Cyberhive fighters lost....... 383

Enemy losses....................... 24 carriers, 50 capital ships of the line,
42 missile ships, 5 rift probe ships, and
3 small scout fleets.

Gorkon VII fighters lost...... 29

Enemy losses........................ 17 capital ships of the line, 1 small scout
fleet, and 90 troop transports.

Further sweeps of target coordinates revealed no further enemy activity. All alliance fleets intact, and vectoring to next assignments."

Y/98-163 had a strange sense of gratification, if an emotion can be valid in a cyber. It was obviously a successful mission for the alliance, and as the squishy ambassadors are so fond of saying.

"First contact has been established."
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