#10 - The non-eclipse and false meteor shower

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#10 - The non-eclipse and false meteor shower

Postby vemlich » Sun Sep 14, 2014 5:06 pm

The non-eclipse and false meteor shower

It was a clear day and no eclipses were scheduled for another 2 solar months when the sky grew dark. Something had just moved between the planet and the systems star.

The Planetary defenses all went on line and the new untested ABM systems came to life and launched almost at the same time as the Fighter Strike teams took to the air and headed for planetary orbit. It wasn’t long before the Ion cannons in the Fort installations started to light up the sky and launched their planetary torpedoes.

Through the dim light of the un-natural eclipse the smoke and contrails could be seen crisscrossing and covered the sky. It seemed the whole sky was on fire as thousands of what appeared to be shooting stars filled the air blinking on and off as they fell through the contrails. This was only the beginning of the nightmare that was to come.

High above the planet the massive Cyber Fleet engaged the Planets War Fleet parked in orbit. The swift head on Frontal Assault seemed to take the defending fleet by surprise not giving them time to react or maneuver. The 100 plus ships of the defending fleet were no longer a threat to the invasion fleet.

Next the Cyber fleet engaged the weak and futile planetary defenses. As the fleet absorbed the Torpedo and Fort fire and dispatched the Fighters sent up to meet it. The debris from the planets Fighters and Missiles along with a few of the smaller destroyed and disabled Starships of the 2 fleets started to enter the atmosphere. This was an acceptable and calculated loss of Ships from the Cyber fleet. Those ships may not have done as much damage as intended but they absorbed a lot of the fire from the planet’s defensive fleet and the planet’s defenses leaving the bulk of the fleet free from attack with minimal damage.

The Collectives’ Central Core started to train all weapons on the Planet below. The Heavy Transports readied their drop pods for the Bio Cleansing to come but first wave after wave of Cyber Star Fighters descended on the planet with the directive to engage and destroy any armed resistance. Once the Fighters returned the fleet opens fire. After a set time the weapons fire stops the Support and Cyber Support Ships comes to life and moves into position, the invasion begins.

There was heavy loss of Cyber Marine Units due to the fighting skills of the planets Marine Units and the large numbers of the planets special defensive Heavy Marine Units but to no avail the invasion was complete, and the cleansing begins. All surviving bio units were rounded up and eradicated. After the last population unit was executed the Cyber Marines were recalled to the fleet.

The fleet then moved a little further from the planet as the Cyber Trade Class 2 Ships moved into position. One after another started their massive rail guns launching iron core asteroids bigger than some of the warships in the fleet at the planet. Setting up chain reactions and breaking up the planet for cargo collection. The rail gun is almost the length of the ship with the barrel out the nose, and then under the ship very large tractor beams carve up the pieces left of the planet and brings them into the ship to be processed and stored in gigantic pods on top the ship.

Another successful cleansing leaving a bombarded planet in its place
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