#11 - Clans of the Blackhole

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#11 - Clans of the Blackhole

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Clans of the Blackhole

I looked out from the bridge at our target, Molto, a light blue-emerald world seven terran units in size, the homeworld of the Molto Clan. Traitors to our people, cowards who along with a thousand other clans of the Blackhole fled from the Cybers leaving only a mere one hundred clans to face the onslaught alone. We were eventually forced to flee to find a new world and rebuild, depleted as we were by the defections. We have however flourished in our new home, but it appears the Molto have not been as blessed. It matters not to us. Now the time has arrived for revenge, no for justice as it was promised many generations ago. The Molto are but the first to face the return of the Hundred. Justice will be dealt to all the clans that deserted their race wherever we find them!

I find myself commanding the largest fleet the Hialeah have commissioned to date and while it is but a shadow of the Hialeah fleets that sailed the galaxy many years ago, it will be sufficient for this day’s work. “Ensign Eilan Nan, bring us into geosynchronous orbit. Lt. Varryn open communications with the Molto homeworld.” The communications officer responded to the command and an open line was quickly established. We were immediately hailed by a Molto official demanding to know our intentions. I slowly rose from the captain’s chair, “Our intention is to return you to the empire and eliminate all traitorous opposition to that end. You have a short time to surrender your defenses or face possible annihilation.” If the Molto had intentions of powering down their defenses it was too slow for my liking. There was no misunderstanding the return message from Molto command. “If you want this world, come take it!” They would not surrender! “Then know this” I replied, “It is only fitting that you should know who ends your life. We are the children of the Hundred and we have come as promised.”

We were fortunate to have sited Molto, located within the stellar cloud as it is. Our ARDE labs developed the CAVIS (Cloud, Aerosol, water Vapor, Ice Snow) atmospheric probes, which can quickly identify Atmospheric and Hydrographics signatures, while providing excellent planetary imagery through haze, soot and dust. Since the probe offers a good spectral, high resolution and advanced geospatial solutions, not much can be hid from us when these probes are deployed. Heavy launch vehicles for planetary and heliophysics missions typically follow. Today however, a battle fleet follows! Of the several rebellious clans we have discovered thus far, Molto appears to be the least likely to offer much resistance. So the senior members of the Guild, the ruling body of the Hundred, decided that Molto would be our first target and provide an opportunity to ‘bloody’ our military before meeting the more difficult clans. It will also allow us to gauge our military doctrines before bringing the more superior clans to heel. The results of this battle will benefit several areas of research, the least of which would be tactical missile, strategic systems, tactical systems and armaments to name but a few.

In preparation for the invasion of Molto, Hialeah command authorized the construction of land based fighter platforms on a neighboring planet. This would allow us to stage numerous fighter squadrons for the initial strike against Molto. Hialeah command believes this will soften up the planetary defenses sufficiently to allow for an armed invasion by our Knechten Heavy Infantry. We'll see. Eight Wa'd fighter squadrons were staged weeks in advance of our planned invasion. With the refusal of the Molto council to surrender their Clan and world, the order was given to begin the subjugation of Molto. Additional squadrons were crated in orbit above the staging planet if needed. Hopefully they would not be.

All eight fighter squadrons launched from their land based platforms at my command. As soon as the fighters entered Molto space they were quickly met by the smaller and more lightly armed Molto fighters. Angels tactical probes in conjunction with fighter heads up displays provided us with several visual displays of the air engagement. Molto fighters were very quickly over whelmed and completely destroyed with minimal losses. Our losses totaled 21 against 133 defenders. It is a good day’s work by any account. In the following air to ground targets we lost another 4 fighters to ground fire while inflicting heavy damage upon Molto ground forces. "Ensign, recall fighters for rearming. Replace current ordnance with Zuni rocket clusters." I pondered the next move by the fleet. I wanted this to end quickly and the Zuni rockets are more suited for ground base soft targets.

I authorized our missile corvettes to prepare for a strike against Molto ground fortifications. These fast ExoLance class missile corvettes are almost as agile as our fighters. Equipped with hydrazine thrusters, our ExoLance corvettes can move in any direction with agility and precision and these thrusters are capable of firing in steady and pulse mode. Our Space Advanced Programs are currently developing this technology for much larger ExoLance class ships. Current technology should be adequate for our Molto friends! Com communications crackled briefly, “Admiral, Strike Squadron Blue ready to engage.” I ordered ComSec security protocols to be activated and ordered Strike Squadron Blue to begin their strike run. Ten ExoLance missile corvettes quickly dropped out of orbit and made their approach towards Molto ground fortifications. Ground fortifications opened fire, but the new hydrazine thrusters worked to perfection providing speed and maneuverability sufficient to allow our ships the ability to deliver their missile payloads without loss. The five ground fortifications proved no match for Strike Squadron Blue as they were all quickly destroyed without delivering any appreciable damage to the corvettes. Additional secondary explosions revealed fortifications loaded with torpedoes. I knew the destruction of these torpedoes saved many lives and ships.

I looked at the tactical officer, "Order a second strike by the Wa'd fighter squadrons." The order was transmitted and soon the fighters, rearmed with the Zuni's were on the way. The more damage I could inflict here, the less loss during the ground invasion. Our squadrons entered Molto airspace unmolested and continued to pound ground defenses while confirming the total destruction of the fortifications. Soon they were returning to their staging areas.

There were more than a few cheers and congratulatory offerings after the successful strike. It is a good day for a battle fleet admiral when he can pull off a combat engagement with so few losses. However, I suspected that before this was over there would be more casualties. The question was how many. We overmatched the Molto, but they were still a Blackhole Clan and thus would fight until the end. Had they only done so before the Weeping, what we call the time when the Cybers struck our people, we would not find ourselves fighting each other this day. Kanin Nan, our Flight and Systems officer quietly waited for my command. "Lt. Kanin, engage RCS (Reactive Control System) and move the fleet into low orbit." Engaging RCS is standard operating procedure when moving a fleet into potential harm. RCS allows on-board systems to instantly take evasive action within our ordered fleet maneuver protocol should hostile fire be encountered until fleet and ship commanders can access the immediate threat. I felt a slight change in the movement of the ship as the large OMAC (Orbital Maneuvering and Altitude Control system) helium 3 engines took control. The battle fleet in low orbit will provide cover for the orbital insertion of the Knechten ground forces; at least that is my hope!

Com lights flickered in the corner of my eye. "General Ragnor Oc is on Com link 2 Admiral”. “Thank you Ensign, put him through.” The General was as calm as I’ve ever have seen him, certainly much more than I. I tried to appear every bit as calm as he, “General, are you ready for insertion?” “I’ve been ready my whole life,” he responded. “Let’s get this show on the road.” I turned to our Tac officer, “Order Wa’d squadrons five through eight to provide air cover, General issue orbital insertion when ready.” I returned to the command station to monitor the results.

The Knechten Heavy Infantry had been waiting quietly within their insertion pods, thinking whatever warriors think before they engage in combat. Our heavy transports moved into low orbit, each carrying four orbital insertion pods. They moved effortlessly following four Wa’d fighter squadrons and within minutes the insertion pods detached themselves from their berthing decks and from that point on, they were on their own until they set down. Cygnus vacuum thrusters provided all the power and maneuverability needed to land them safely. The insertion went smoothly. Just when we were feeling comfortable with the insertion and many of the pod doors opened, hell broke loose. When the Knechten exited their pods the Molto infantry were ready. They un-leased a barrage of fire, which resulted in the loss of hundreds of our warriors. Several pods attempted to lift off only to be destroyed before their vacuum thrusters could fully fire. It appeared the Molto infantry had acquired what we believed to be monopropellant energetics, a devastating portable missile system. A small foothold had been established however and with that General Ragnor Oc continued to push more Knechten into that tiny space. Each successive wave of reinforcements took losses, but each wave also took less. Slowly the tiny space grew and spread out, eventually flanking the Molto defenses and after what seemed like an eternity, it was over. Not without hundreds more Knechten falling, but it was over. The General seemed perfectly satisfied with the results. I guess that is why I am in the Navy.

There were some rumors of looting by the Knechten, but I suppose that is to be expected. I did notice that there were fewer prisoners that I would have expected, but the General did not seem concerned, so I left those matters, if they mattered to him. The other Blackhole Clans will be much tougher than the Molto. We have much work to do before moving against them. This has been a valuable lesson indeed, but for now, the Molto have been subdued and we must prepare for the next clan.
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