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We have decided to extend our diplomacy to an Ancient Civilization, the _________ Empire of the ___ sector. Hopefully, they will prove to be gracious allies in the future. Mom always said to be kind and respectful of your elders. We will start with a diplomatic letter. So we won’t impose on their door steps. Later if they are willing we will present them with an Embassy to ease the channels of communication.
The letter, it seems were received with robust enthusiasm, they replied “Your diplomat contacted the government on ________ as per instructions. Planetary government sends greetings. We are the ______ Empire. Your diplomat contacted the government on ________as per instructions. Planetary government sends greetings. We are the ______ Empire.”
They go on asking for assistance installing trade centers, building shipyards, installing mining centers, production centers and even a shipment of defensive weapons like antiballistic missiles. We approached our Cabinet Advisors with these requests and they informed us of our abilities to perform the tasks at hand. The Secretary of Interior insist we need to do more for our own first. The Secretary of Home World Security expresses his concerns about their exuberance and asked to have the Galactic Intelligence Agency (G.I.A.) examine this radiograph for eavesdropping. We are now concerned with what this could mean.
The G.I.A. took about a week to analyze the radiograph. The resulting examination concluded there are spies infiltrated into either the ______ Empire’s World or our own Home World the only good news is they have launched a Search and Destroy Mission on our World.
The Mission came back empty handed, so we will assume the spies infiltrated the Ancient Civilization’s world. The Secretary of Empire suggest we send a diplomatic envoy to personally speak with the ______ Empire, so they can initiate their own S & D without alerting the possible intruders.
The envoy arrived with due haste and alerted the Supreme Admiral Luaqez of the ______ Empire of their threat. S.Adm. Luaqez ordered his Elite Reconnaissance Platoon to clear all possible threats. Once the threats were removed we provided the assistance asked of us, the Emissary of the ______ Empire came to our Home World bringing with him a gift. A silicate obelisk 313 meters tall and 31.3 meters wide, featuring hieroglyphs depicting our origins as races and culminating with the foundation of a new found friendship between our worlds. He also presented us with a large gratuity for the services rendered.
The Diplomatic Letter has proven to be a very useful and prosperous tool. We are happy to have alliances with empires, from before our time, to share history and gain knowledge. They instructed us that the next time the proper etiquette would be to send and diplomat so one can understand the customs and mannerisms of civilization we wish to deal with.

NOTES: The names and Locations have been omitted to protect our elders from unwarranted solicitations. Find your own Ancient Civilizations.
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